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Springtime Sensations
Title : Mr. Lam's "Springtime Sensations" Aquatic Garden 
Date/Location : 2008 - North Point, Hong Kong (Designed and Maintained by Bubbles Aquarium)    
Tank Size : 30" (L) x 12" (W) x 24" (H)  
Volume : 135 Liters    
Lighting : T5HO (24W x 6) - 9 Hours per day    
Filtration : T5HO (24W x 6) - 9 Hours per day  
Filter Media : Ammonia, Phosphate, and Nitrate removers  
Substrate : ADA Aqua Soil Africana, JBL Aqua Basis Bottom Fertilizer, Elos Bottom Mineral   
Substrate Additives : ADA Bacter 100, ADA Clear Super, ADA Tourmaline BC, Penac P, Penac W 
CO2 : Pressurized CO2 System (9 Hours per day) 2 bubbles per second
Decorative Materials : Driftwood, Wood Stones
Water Parameters : pH 5.6 - 6.3, KH 3, GH 2dH
Water Maintenance : 1/3 water change weekly followed by regular dosage of Nutrafin Waste Control and Cycle
Fertilization : ADA Brightly K, Tropica AquaCare Plant Nutrient, Seachem Flourish Trace, Seachem NPK, Ferka Bottom Fertilizers
Addition Information : 75g Water Softener Resin added into filter (replaced every two weeks)
Plants : Eleocharis sp (迷你牛毛氈), Rotala macrandra sp "Mini" (迷你紅蝴蝶), Eriocaulaceae sp (扭竹葉), Blyxa japonica (日本簀藻), Bacopa sp from Japan (日本虎耳)
Fish : Red Phantom Tetra (紅衣夢幻旗), Cardinal Tetra (新燈), Ember Tetra (噴火燈), Zebra Angelfish (班馬神仙魚), SAE (黑線飛狐), Otocinclus vittatus (小精靈), Neritina Ruby Snail (洋蔥螺), Neritina Spiky Snail (角螺), Red Cherry Shrimp (櫻桃蝦), Amano Shrimp (大和沼蝦), Skunk Corydoras (印地安鼠)